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Good Evening folks,

I began this race at the last minute, knowing it would be an uphill battle since Derry leans so heavily republican. Unfortunately, the final counts are in, and Derry has gone far to the right this year. Not a single local democratic candidate won in Derry. While this result hurts the heart, this year of all years; it does not weaken my resolve that NH needs solutions the right is not willing to embrace. I vow to continue to speak with constituents and work with community organizations, to determine the wants and needs of the people and speak on their behalf. It will be as an activist and citizen rather than a representative.

I would like to thank my wife, Keila Melo, and my fellow running mates

Michelle Sawyer Mogé Mary Till Erin Dennehy Spencer Mary Eisner and senate candidate Joshua Bourdon. Without their support, I would not have been able to run such a profound campaign, nor meet all the wonderful people and learn of the many ideas they shared.

I'd like to thank Tina Guilford for running such a great polling station this year. The process was incredibly smooth and efficient, given all the hurdles thrown at her this year. She and her team including Jenna LynnSusan Ochoa, and Judy Strakalaitis put in tremendous effort and afforded Derry NH a place on the national stage for how a voting precinct should be run.

Thank you to all the people who put their trust in me and voted for me this year. It means so much to me that many of you supported me wholeheartedly despite my lack of name recognition or political background. I promise you, I will be returning in 2022 with all the passion and energy that we brought to this campaign season!

I, Johnathan A. Z. West, humbly concede. Onto the next, my friends.

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